Adultery Counseling: Information on Adultery and How to Overcome its Effects

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Portraits of Adultery Kerri desperately wanted to trust her husband, but she constantly found herself thinking that there might be another woman in his life. One afternoon she was cleaning up their home office and found a credit card statement detailing hotel and restaurant charges in Chicago. She could not recall her husband ever talking about traveling to Chicago. Nina enjoyed really enjoyed talking with her friend, David. Their conversations always seemed to be interesting and uplifting. Somewhere along the line, their relationship became about more than just talking. Nina can hardly remember when they developed feelings for when another or how their affair began. She never had intentions of being unfaithful to her husband. Adultery: Definitions and Key Thoughts Adultery occurs when person has a sexual relationship with a person other than their spouse. Such a relationship may or may not involve an emotional connection. Adultery may also occur when a person has an … [Read more...]

Sadism and Masochism: Sexual Sadomasochism Facts, Diagnosis and Counseling Treatments

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Portraits of Sadism and Masochism Since he was a teenager, Carl has thought about being restrained, humiliated, or abused in a sexual way.  Jenny was reading the personals section of the classifieds when she came across an ad from a person requesting a “sex slave.” She immediately ignored the ad, but then found herself excited by it, and drawn back to it. Definitions and Key Thoughts for Sadism and Masochism Sexual sadism and sexual masochism are two separate psychological disorders and each are categorized by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV) as a paraphilia, which is a sexual disorder characterized by socially unacceptable preoccupations or behaviors (other paraphilias include voyeurism, exhibitionism, and fetishism). Sadism and masochism are characterized by feelings of sexual pleasure or gratification when inflicting suffering on another person, or having it inflicted upon one’s self, respectively. The official DSM-IV criteria for … [Read more...]

Low Sexual Desire Disorder: Overcoming Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and Sexual Aversion Disorder

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Portraits of Low Sexual Desire Disorder Virginia’s mother taught her about sex at a young age. She told Virginia that sex is dirty and it is an obligation women have. Today she is married, and avoids sex with her husband when she can. Definitions and Key Thoughts for Low Sexual Desire Disorder The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV) offers two separate diagnoses of low sexual desire disorder. They are “Hypoactive sexual desire disorder” and “sexual aversion disorder.” With hypoactive sexual desire disorder, a person experiences a persistent lack of sexual desire. However, once sexual behavior is initiated sexual performance may be adequate. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder occurs in approximately 20 percent of persons. With sexual aversion disorder, a person feels repulsed by sexual contact. Sexual activity is minimized or avoided. Causes of low sexual desire disorders include but are not limited to: Emotional problems in a … [Read more...]

Sexual Harassment: Prevention, Facts, and Reporting Sexual Discrimination in the Workplace

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Portraits of Sexual Harassment “It was pretty cut and dry” Monica explained. “My supervisor, in no uncertain terms said that if I want to keep my job I was going to have to put out. I refused, and I was fired.” “It seems silly for me to be reporting sexual harassment, but I’m going to do it anyway,” John said. “I work in an office of all women and half the day I am really uncomfortable. The conversations about sex and men, the names they have for me, the excessive touching; I can’t take another day of it.” Kathy is COO of a medium sized company in Nashville, Tenn. “My first executive maneuver when coming onboard was to put in place a program to educate the staff about sexual harassment, and a system to report any hint of sexual harassment in the workplace. I got a few odd looks from the other managers when I did this — there had never been a problem with sexual harassment at our company. And now, perhaps there never will be.” Definitions of and Key Thoughts on Sexual … [Read more...]

Overcoming Pedophilia: Facts, Research, and Counseling Treatment Strategies

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Profiles of Pedophilia Andy has a secret he has never told anyone — “No one would understand. I don’t even understand it myself,” he thinks to himself. Even though he has never acted on his sexual urges toward children, he feels overcome with guilt, and feels so very dirty. He hated himself so much for what goes on in his head he is even considering killing himself. Lois spent the afternoon at the police station, bailing out her husband. “Child pornography!?” she says to Bob. “You should be ashamed of yourself. You make me sick!” Bob sits quietly during the car ride home, feeling both ashamed and sick. John has suffered from pedophilia since he was a teenager. He speaks to a room of men and women with the same problem. “We all have our struggles, and this one is mine,” he says. “I’m happily married, and I’m proud to say I have never in my life acted on ‘the urge’.” He assures the group that no matter what has occurred in their pasts that there is healing to be … [Read more...]